Artificial Grass Field Construction

Artificial Grass Football Pitch ConstructionStandard astro turf football pitch is a facility with an artificial flooring which is enclosed by wire mesh Professional artificial grass football pitches are constructed in accordance with the standards. Astro turf football pitches made from special yarns brought from Europe is a good option for the those who look for a professional astro turf pitch. Generally they are designed as monofilament and fibril floors.

As Integral Spor, one of the leader company in Turkey on artificial grass field construction, we would like to take a closer look to have it is made to offer you better services.

Artificial Grass
Field Construction Stages

  • Suitability of the surface for artificial grass
  • Planning and design stage
  • Beam excavation stage
  • Frame preparation stage
  • Net laying stage
  • Illumination work
  • Stone chips laying stage
  • Artificial grass coating stage

Now, let’s look at all steps that we offer for artificial grass laying in detail.

Suitability of the surface for artificial grass field This is the first step of artificial grass field construction. This procedure contains analysis of suitability of the surface for application and possible design options by our team.

Artificial Grass Covering

Planning and design stage Our artificial grass team transfer determined project design to sketches. Then, this sketch is transferred to digital environment to make fundamental visual and calculations easier and more comfortably. After presenting these procedures to your approval, we start our artificial grass construction.

Beam excavation stage During this stage, beam excavation is conducted and connected with iron stirrups.  Moulds are placed inside the excavated area. Anchorage pipes adjusted for wire system measurements are placed inside these moulds. Then, BS20 concrete is laid and after concrete dried, these moulds are dismounted and shared with you.

Dimesions of Indoor Football Field


Minimum dimesnions are 15m x 30m


Minimum dimesions are 20m x 40m


Optimum dimesnions are 30m x 50m


Maximum dimensions are 35m x 60m

Frame preparation stage With compliant iron-wire project, vertical beams are constructed on fixed anchorage pipes. Then, horizontal beams are boiled and wires are mounted. Steel wires are used to carry wire fence tension. After this operation, a service door is applied for easier entrance and exit to the artificial grass field. Then, coating stage is completed (darker tones are preferred). Net laying stage At this stage of artificial grass field construction, we apply wire fence and nets from framing. After applying these wire fences at certain height, we cover all remaining areas and the top part of the field with a new to prevent the ball from going outside the field.

Illumination stage According to the plan of our team and your approval, illumination fixtures are added on the predetermined poles.  Illumination should be strong and functional. After illumination installation, cables are hidden from apparent sight to prevent any cable damages. On demand, illumination can be installed inside the field or outside the field as scoreboard. Powerful generators can be applied to prevent any undesired breaks in the field due to power cuts.

Stone chips laying stage In this stage of artificial grass field construction, 20 cm thick no.3 stone chips are laid and compressed with a cylinder. Later, 10 cm thick no.1 stone chips are laid to and our team specially work on to prevent undulation. Synthetic grass coating stage After stone chips stage, we starting laying synthetic grass. We are making our field ready by applying sand and granule procedure after drawing field lines.We have showed all details of artificial grass field construction. You can visit our webpage for more detail on artificial grass field construction.


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