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Integral grass has a factory area which is around 15.000 m2 in total. We have around 50 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 7.500.000 m2.

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Leader Artificial Grass Manufacturer
  • The artificial grass product has become a very important product and its need increases with time because the scope of its use is very wide, and with the advancement of technology and modern technologies, fake turf has become an ideal product in all aspects. as a result of the development of industrial turf products.
  • with time, technology evolves and the required product specifications become more sophisticated. Integral keeps pace with the technology and integrates it with its synthetic turf products, offering the best types of artificial grass carpets at all.
  • Our products have been tested to test the quality of our products and their efficiency when used. one of these tests is the international standard FIFA tests, all of which have been successfully passed. our customers’ desire to purchase our products from artificial turf is increasing significantly.
  • The products of Integral products for the fake turf are large and wide, with strength, durability and being environmentally friendly. the yarns are made from raw materials that resist ultraviolet, and synthetic turf bristles are unbreakable by the sunlight.
  • In addition, the installation of artificial turf carpet is very easy and quick, as it does not require the establishment of soil, and do not need to spray water, as in the natural grass, which needs irrigation periodically and daily.
  • The use of fake turf is largely involved in the field of sports, decoration and decoration, which can be installed on all types of grass sports instead of natural grass, and in the field of decoration has become particularly easy to install around the indoor swimming pools without any problems. Artificial Grass For Sale 0090 212 678 13 13


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