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  • Integral is manufacturing artificial grass for sport,landscaping and decoration in international standards.Our motto is to make good quality artificial grass products for different purposes. Quality is the most important part of Our production.
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Carpets of Artificial Grass in Saudi ArabiaRead more +06 June 2018 By INTEGRAL in artificial soccer grass

Carpets of Artificial Grass in Saudi Arabia

Carpets of artificial grass in Saudi Arabia Artificial grass carpet is one of the most widespread products in Saudi Arabia, it has become one of the products and industries required and widely used in all applications and sports fields as the first sports product, where the top products of Integral fake grass in terms of quality
Cost of Artificial Grass LawnsRead more +08 May 2018 By INTEGRAL in artificial soccer grass


Buy Artificial Grass PDF Download Artificial WallGrass Artificial Super V Artificial Super C Outdoor Football Field Multispor LSR Multispor KDK Indoor Football Field Garden Lux Grass Artificial Garden Grass Artificial Grass Duo Decorative Artificial Grass +90 212 678 13 13 or  info(at) Buy Artificial grass  products are having different names .It is also called as artificial
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Artificial Turf Company

Artificial Turf Company Integral Grass: +90 212 678 1313  / info(at) Our products range from artificial turf to several kinds In terms of height and density.  Where they specialize in each particular use. Products and varieties of fake grass are many and varied Each of which is specialized in a specific field and for specific use. Vary according