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Artificial Grass Manufacturers



Leader "Artificial Turf" producer.
Integral Grass has a factory area which is around 15.000 m2 in total. We have around 50 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 7.500.000 m2.

Artificial Turf Manufacturer

Artificial Turf Types and Properties

Artificial Turf Manufacturers Turkey  Artificial Turf products are getting very popular day by day in the World by everybody. Because it has a lot of consumption by different industries.  Integral is an artificial grass manufacturer located in Istanbul-Turkey.Our factory is having 15.000 m2 area for production.We also have a laboratory for testing the products in the factory. Artificial grass can be used in sport facilities, garden landscaping or for decoration.


Leader Artificial Grass Producer
  • Integral grass manufactures artificial grass in its factory by using last technology weaving machines in international standards.The team pays high attentiton in order to make the best product for Our valuable customers.
  • Integral is manufacturing artificial grass for sport,landscaping and decoration in international standards.Our motto is to make good quality artificial grass products for different purposes. Quality is the most important part of Our production.


About Artificial Turf

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