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Integral Grass is  an artificial grass manufacturer located in Turkey. Our factory is manufacturing synthetic turf products for landscaping and sport fields. Meantime Integral also started making Grass Fence to cover the wall with grass.

Wall grass can be used in so many  areas such as ; it can be used to cover the fences , waste bins, constructional areas, security cabins, pet houses, roofs,… etc.

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Grass Fence Application

Grass Fence Application

Wall grass is a fence with grass on it. Wall grass artificial turf fences  offer better security.  It may be preferred by gardeners or municipalities to make the walls green look. It has very easy maintaining cost and very easy to install. Wall grass fence panels  are covering all bad looking areas and converting it to a luxury look. Integral  grass,  a turf manufacturer , is spending a lot of time and money for know how. Another advantage of wall grass is to  have optins of other colours as well. It can be produced in different colours and the customer is deciding about the colour.  Wall grass is one of the product which We spent a lot of time to make it perfect for Our customers.

Artificial Hedge Panels

Wall grass has five years of warranty for UV lights. The colour of it is not fading for long time.It is preferred too much by Our customers due to this fact. The quality is the most important key of Our company. Our goal is to construct  sport fields , landscaping  or walls with grass for long time uses. Integral grass is manufacturer and constructor for these fields with its twenty years of experience in this industry.

Wall Grass fence panels are one of the best item which We produce and export to other countries because it has a very good look and cost effective. Our motto is to serve to Our customers with the best service.

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