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The Facts About Artificial Grass!

There are many types of artificial grass. When there will be a special production, It can be made in different colors. Artificial grass, which we see most on football fields, is preferred because of its long life. Even though the artificial grass is exposed to heavy foot traffic on the football fields, there is no problem. For the artificial grass made for special purpose, the operations and infrastructure of the layers according to the nature of the sport to be conducted must be pre-adjusted.

There are also grass types for decoration purposes which are very common. The application stage of artificial grass carpets, which are frequently used in landscaping areas, is not like a footbal field. In the football field; Drainage channels and concreting systems of the ground must be made by making all subbase works.

Application of grass for decoration purposes is more practical. In some cases, even pre-preparation is not required. If you want to apply grass for landscaping, it is recommended that the floor be flat and hard if possible. If a grass carpet is to be applied to a soil, it should be applied to the ground after leveling. If the soil is soft, it is more suitable if it is compacted with the help of a roller. Applying with asphalt, concrete and wood floors can also work.

If you are laying carpets from wall to wall, you can install artificial grass carpets in the same way. It is very important to start the installing work by taking the right measurement. The width of a roll is 4 meters. When the roll is opened, its average length varies from 25 to 40 meters. If the attachment is to be made according to the condition of the measure, the joints are held together and the rest of the carpet is released. Applying glue to the whole floor is not needed.

Artificial Grass F.A.Q. Guide

Artificial turf producst are having different heights and different shapes for different purposes.Garden grasses and sport grasses are not having same prices. Every grass has a different dtex and different weight.The weight and density are the main keys which are affecting the price of the artificial grass.

Artificial grass and synthetic turf are having same meaning.Artificial turf products are made by big tufting machines  and has a back coating. Synthetic turf products are used in different areas ; sport facilities,gardens, kids gardens ,decoration .. etc Artificial turf pile heights can be in different sizes.

Our artificial grass is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals (Reach* certification), i.e. not containing any substance that could be dangerous to human health and the environment.

Integral chain of values  As the specialist of artificial turf  for ornamental and residential purposes, Integral stands out of the market with its total control of the chaine of values : from production to sales.

Thanks to its know-how, Integral develops an exclusive and innovative collection to meet every demand of the market.
Yarn purchase
With a concern for satisfying the needs of its customers,Integral selects its yarn manufacturers with extreme rigour, on the basis of their capability of supplying large volumes at constant quality.
For the greatest possible reliability,Integral manufactures exclusively in Turkey, in one of the biggest European carpet producing factories, with a modern production facility of more than 170,000m².
In making assembly a fundamental part of its sales policy,Integral ensures the industrial production of the samples, role cutting and the assembly of bobbin spools and handles their boxing.
From manufacture to sale,Integral controls the entire chain of values so that its customers enjoy a highly renowned make, proven merchandising, flexible service and particularly competitive prices.

It is very easy to install sythetic turf .It can be laid on the surface easily.The edges of artificial grass carpet must be glued by two compenant adhesive.There is a special polyester band which is used for glueing under the carpet.The surface must be very clean before installing the grass carpet .There must be slope on the ground to draine the water.

Most of football stadium have real grass but not all.It is very difficult to keep natural grass always alive.Some clubs are preferring artificial grass in their stadiums because it is easy for maintenace and cost.

Synthetic turf carpets are sold in rolls.It is manufactured by big tufting machines. The best option is to buy it from the producer in order to have the best price. Turkey is one of the biggest artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey.Integral constructs turnkey projects all over the world.

For artificial grass more F.A.Q   integralgrass.com/artificial-grass-faqs/