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  • Integral grass manufactures artificial grass in its factory by using last technology weaving machines in international standards.The team pays high attentiton in order to make the best product for Our valuable customers.
  • Integral is manufacturing artificiel gazon for sport,landscaping and decoration in international standards.Our motto is to make good quality artificial grass products for different purposes. Quality is the most important part of Our production.
  • The synthetic turf requires high precision and professionalism in manufacturing, an artificial grass factory and a high level of equipment in terms of machinery, staff and supervision are required, the plant is one of the best factories in the world,
    Astro Grass
  • The plant produces an annual artificial turf of more than )7.5( million square meters, all of which are high-quality products and have been tested and certified. Integral aims to produce the best products with unique technological characteristics that serve all requirements and all types of grass and landscaping.
    Integral@ Grass
  • The advantages of our products are many, softness, durability, high resistance to harmful sun rays,color fastness . We always seek to satisfy our valued customers and provide them with the best products and meet their requirements with the best performance and form.
    Integral@ Grass
  • the factory has several sewing machines fake turf carpet and supervised by cadres with high experience in this field, the factory produces the artificial grass and several types of one of them astro turf.
    Integral@ Grass
  • The export office of Integral is located in Istanbul and near “Ataturk Airport ", one of the largest international airports, in order to facilitate the mobility of our customers from several countries, which are 80 countries around the world.
    Integral@ Grass
  • Artificial synthetic turf, fake Grass, artificial turf All these names have the same meaning, these names differ in different regions, (density, elasticity, height of threads, use), and one of the varieties is astro artificial grass.
    Integral@ Grass
  • Synthetic turf installation When it comes synthetic turf installation, the key is the sub base. There should not be any mistake about the surface regarding the drainage and flawless of the field. Integral always delivers the best surface with its experienced team.
    Integral@ Grass
  • There are basically three types of surfaces; gravel, concrete, and asphalt. Gravel surface must be compacted with 30 tons cylinders in order to obtain hard surface. No need to mention that necessary slopes and drainage around and inside the field must be done in necessary depending on the rain volume.
    Integral@ Grass
  • Then, the felt material, synthetic turf installation, done by joint tape and glue, respectively. The silica sand and sbr black granule (colored sbr or epdm in some cases) are sprayed and brushed by hand in small fields or special machines in big fields.
    Integral@ Grass
  • The synthetic turf installation is mostly done by two experienced technicians and 4-5 helpers to carry and hold the materials and equipment. There is really no complicated equipment needed for the installation.
    Integral@ Grass

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