Integral Super C

The naturally curved profile of the grass blades of Integral Grass Future DS has a thick spine on either edge.



Artificial Grass Super C
It has a thick spine on the both edges of the  grass .This double spine gives a flexibility to the grass and it becomes very elasticated. Due to this effect it lives for years.
The quality of this grass is guaranteed for high performance and durability. The matting of grass brings it back to the original shape even after long time of playing on the ground.

Product Features

  • Designed for top level competition (FIFA**)
  • Natural ball behaviour
  • Exclusive double spine shaped, TenCate XQ Technology
  • A natural ‘look and feel’
  • A high level of resilience, controlled ball speed and ball bounce
  • The leading artificial grass for professional level sports!
  • XQ Technology

Artificial Turf Application

  • Professional Stadium Quality
  • FIFA**


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