Integral is an artificial grass manufacturer for sport fields and landscaping located in Turkey. We offer full satisfaction to Our customers before and after sell.

Artificial Grass Manufacturer

Integral grass has a factory area which is around 15.000 m2 in total.
We have around 50 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 7.500.000 m2.

Leader Artificial Grass Producer

Integral grass has the best synthetic turf for all sport facilities.
It manufactures artificial grass which are eco friendly and do not contain any harmful substances.


Artificial turf producst are having different heights and different shapes for different purposes.Garden grasses and sport grasses are not having same prices. Every grass has a different dtex and different weight.The weight and density are the main keys which are affecting the price of the artificial grass.

Artificial grass and synthetic turf are having same meaning.Artificial turf products are made by big tufting machines  and has a back coating .Synthetic turf products are used in different areas ; sport facilities,gardens, kids gardens ,decoration ..etc Artificial turf pile heights can be in different sizes.

It is very easy to install sythetic turf .It can be laid on the surface easily.The edges of artificial grass carpet must be glued by two compenant adhesive.There is a special polyester band which is used for glueing under the carpet.The surface must be very clean before installing the grass carpet .There must be slope on the ground to draine the water.

Most of football stadium have real grass but not all.It is very difficult to keep natural grass always alive.Some clubs are preferring artificial grass in their stadiums because it is easy for maintenace and cost.

Synthetic turf carpets are sold in rolls.It is manufactured by big tufting machines. The best option is to buy it from the producer in order to have the best price. Turkey is one of the biggest artificial grass manufacturer in Turkey.Integral constructs turnkey projects all over the world.

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