Artificial Grass Playground

Artificial Grass Playground

Integral Turf products can be safely used in kids playgrounds, kids gardens. It is an eco friendly product and allows the kids to play on the artificial turf products without any  muds or any dirts.Drainage holes of artificial grass carpets allows to evacuate the water.

Artificial turf carpets very easy to install and safe for the kids.It does not have any harmful substance inside and free of bacteria.The cleaing of artificial grass carpet is very easy.It can be cleaned through a cleaning machine or a  sweeping brush easily.Artificial grass carpets  are very soft and gentle for kids.

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Artificial lawn for different purposes

Artificial lawn for different purposes Artificial  lawn is also called as artificial grass, artificiel gazon, synthetic gazon, artificial turf or fake grass.All these words are actually have only one meaning and it is synthetic grass which is made of from PE and PP threads by weaving machines.When people realised that it is very difficult to
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Construction of artificial grass courts

Construction Of Artificial Grass Courts As time progresses, artificial grass develops and as it develops, it becomes more desirable to acquire it. Raw materials used in environmentally friendly manufacturing It has multiple properties Where it provides a long-term virtual life span of years. It makes the artificial grass an environment unsuitable for living and growing insects Artificial
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Artificial Turf Grass Care

Artificial Turf Grass Care Often known as fake grass or artificial turf, artificial lawn grass is constructed of synthetic fibers that are devised to mimic the feel and appearance of a natural lawn. Although artificial turf has been used on sports fields for years, it is becoming more common in residential applications. Newer artificial grass