Integral has a factory for production of synthetic turf products for playing fields as soccer,golf, hocker or rugby. Synthetic grass products are made from two raw materails poly etilen and poly propilen. These are main raw material of synthetic turf carpets.These are bought as threads and weaved in big tufting machines by Our professional staff. We are manufacturing synthetic turf carpets since years and they are exported to all over the world.Synthetic turfs also can be used in different areas such as decoration or has a very large using area. Because it is very easy for installation and has low maintenance work and because of these reasons people prefer this product.It is also used by private or goverment schools to make child playing areas or to make a garden for doing so they avoid mud from I result sythetic turf grasses have a lot of demand in the market and the manufacturing of it is getting larger day by day.

Synthetic turf products are made for different kind of uses ; sport facilities, landscaping, decoration ...etc.It is mostly used in soccer fields by amateur and professional football clubs due to some facts.first of all it is very easy for installation, secondly it has very low maintenance cost, thirdly it does need any gardening work. If You are buying Synthetic turf products for your garden your mind will be very fresh. No need watering and to be afraid of mud areas.

Superior Features of the Grass Carpets:

Reduced slipperiness - Increased design and implementation of movement possibilities
Resistance to abrasion - Reduced sand usage
Ground suitability and ball jumping norm
Reducing the risk of injury - Sunlight resistance - Aesthetic Image