Artificial Turf Field

Integral artificial turf is manufactured in Our factory located in Turkey .We have different types of  last technology machines in order to have different varities of artificial grasses. Those machines are having different gauges to have different thickness types of yarns.

Integral Artificial Turf pays too much attention to the quality in order to have a good quality products.Our goal  is to have quality playing grounds for the  players.If artificial ground is not good quality or made by harmful threads it may cause hard injuries on the body.So it is very important to use good quality products not to have any injury or problem during the game . We as Integral Soccer Turf family  will continue develop Ourselves and pay more attention for know how in Our field.

Artificial turf carpets field  have a life span of about 10 years with regular maintenance.  Synthetic grass is produced as an alternative natural grass. The two products are equivalent to each other in appearance and terms of use as their basic features.

Superior Features of the Grass Carpets:

Reduced slipperiness - Increased design and implementation of movement possibilities

Resistance to abrasion - Reduced sand usage

Ground suitability and ball jumping norm

Reducing the risk of injury - Sunlight resistance - Aesthetic Image