Integral Hockey Plus



Artificial Grass Hockey Plus

Tried & Tested FIH Global Hockey solution

This kind of grounds are used by professional hockey players in the hockey stadiums.
It has all necessities for professional players. Meantime it can also be used for training and other purposes.
High density turf is used for these grounds in order to achieve the best result for the players.  This system is used by a lot of players in the national hockey leagues.
It also hava shock absorption and a nice surface so the player can achieve the best result during the game

Hockey Plus Features

  • The traditional, tried and tested water-based hockey system
  • Micro-fibrillated, Knit-d-Knit TenCate LSR/NDR fibre
  • LSR (Low Slide Resistance) for controlled manoeuvring and slide-stopping
  • NDR (Non-Directional) for perfect ball roll properties in all directions
  • Perfect cushioning and shock absorption
  • Low/No H2O system for efficient water consumption
  • FIH Global certified
  • Designed for 3D Hockey

Artificial Grass Hockey Apllications

  • Professional level Hockey (stadium)
  • Amateur level hockey
  • Training facilities


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