Tennis Court Classic

The playing properties and appearance of traditional clay, but all the advantages of an all-weather court.



Tennis Court Classic

Integral Court Classic, this system is the best for all weather conditions without having any problem on the ground.It has full requirements to have a perfect tennis court.
The player can turn, pivot or slide easily and comfortably without having any trouble.Apart from these advantages it  has not  expensive maintenance cost.

Product characteristics

  • All weather surface for year around usage
  • Playing characteristics of traditional clay (including visible ball prints)
  • No reconstruction every spring
  • No sprinklers or watering (indoor use may need occasional watering)
  • Always visible integral play lines
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor courts
  • Less maintenance required
  • More sustainable compared to traditional clay
  • ITF Classified Court Pace 1 (slow)

Tennis Court Classic Application

  • Professional level Tennis
  • Amateur level tennis
  • Training facilities


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