Synthetic Turf

Integral  synthetic turf is a manufacturer located in Istanbul-Turkey .Integral has high technology weaving maching for the production of synthetic turf products in its factory which has an area of 15.000 m2 and yearly capasity is 7.500.000 m2.

Integral synthetic turf  products are manufactured according to FIFA standards.Integral always aims to offer the best quality synthetic turf products for its valuable customer with its professional production and installation staff.Raw materials of the threads are very important in order to have a good quality artificial grass products.The cost of artificial turf products are variable due to different kind of tchikness and lenghts of the piles.

Integral constructs indoor and outdoor sport facilities with its professional installation and production team such as soccer field,hockey field, basketball field,voleyball or multi use sport facilities.Installation of grass is also done by Our staff. Artificial grass and side materials must be good quality in order to have a good playing field for players.Indoor and outdoor soccer fields are the most popular ones in the world.We can make any size of the field.Artificial turf carpets are manufactured according to size of the Integral a manufacturer it can make any size of artificial grasss carpets.Artificial carpet may have four different colours.We are preparing sub base first and after that preparing concrete walls and putting wire fence around the field.Artificial carpet laid on the ground and glued joining parts and also glueing white parts.Finally spreading sbr granules on the field and brushing by a brushing machine.

Integral team use basic tool, such as box cutter and glue thread, to do synthetic turf installation in addition to sand and granule sprayers for the small fields. Big fields usually require a professional machine to distribute and brush the sand and granule.

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