Artificial Turf

Integral grass can produce the two sorts of fake grass covers in their manufacturing plants. Artificial tuft lanscaping can be utilized at gardens, galleries, yards, strolling trails, and so forth. The thicknesses can go from 5mm to 55m. The dtex of the yarn can be from 2200 dtex to well over the 10000dtex. Integral grass makes the lanscape floor coverings in the weights of 850gr to 2500gr in their processing plants.


Leader Artificial Turf Producer
  • Integral grass manufactures artificial grass in its factory by using last technology weaving machines in international standards.The team pays high attentiton in order to make the best product for Our valuable customers.
  • Integral is manufacturing artificial grass for sport,landscaping and decoration in international standards.Our motto is to make good quality artificial grass products for different purposes. Quality is the most important part of Our production.
  • What is synthetic grass ? Artificial turf or synthetic grass are having same meaning. Artificial grass is also called synthetic grass by some buyers.They rather use this name to buy artificial grass. Synthetic grass is produced for different kind of purposes such as for soccer pitches, for golf areas, for multi use sport facilities or for landscaping.
    What is Artificial grass ?
  • Artificial grass is weaved by machines and raw materal of synthetic grass is sythetic fibre threads which are from PE and PP.The raw materials must be very good and eco friendly in order to have a good quality synthetic grass carpets.Synthetic grass products are generally weaved in four meters of result synthetic grass and synthetic turf has same meanings.
    What is Synthetic Grass ?

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Cheap Artificial Grass installation

Cheap Artificial Grass installation Artificial grass installation can be made several surfaces, including gravel, concrete, and asphalt. Depending on the quantity of the project and the budget, one of these options are chosen.  It can even be hard compacted surface without gravel, concrete and asphalt. Integral Integrated Systems offers the best option toward the details
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Fake Grass Manufacturer

Fake Grass Manufacturer Often known as fake grass or artificial turf, artificial lawn grass is constructed of synthetic fibers that are devised to mimic the feel and appearance of a natural lawn. As time progresses, artificial turf develops and as it develops, it becomes more desirable to acquire it. Raw materials used in environmentally friendly manufacturing. It has
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Where To Buy Fake Grass

Where To Buy Fake Grass There are many manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, whole sellers, and retail sellers that you can buy fake grass from. You just need to decide which one to buy from or where to buy artificial grass from. Almost all of the artificial grass providers in the world not only sell the artificial